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Matthew Talebi

My portfolio and research about accessibility, design culture and sustainability to make life a tiny bit easier.

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Originally from United States
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Residing in Singapore
Great design isn’t about visuals, it’s harmonization of the entire system. To design well we must research how the system integrates into society and understand the long-term enviromental and social behavioural effects.

Accessibility and sustainability are two subjects that have caught my attention the past few years. How are emerging technologies changing the human experience and society?

User experience isn’t limited to the interaction of the a digital or physical product, it’s the entire journey. A product lives from the moment it’s materials are made, shipped and sold. Whether that product is physically obtained or pixels on a screen.

I’ve always enjoyed looking at the larger picture. When the journey is refined to near perfection, sparks of joy are inevitably included; at that moment it’s the receivers facial expressions that say a thousand.

Recently I started mentoring designers on career advice and portfolio feedback. Mentoring has already given back so much by learning to helping others grow.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing people from DBS Bank, Apple, Intuit, Apptimize and countless others.

Working at...

  • DBS Bank logo

    Assistant VP of Design Standards

    DBS Bank
    Institutional Banking Group


  • University of Alberta logo

    Agile Software Product Management

    University of Alberta


  • ADPList logo

    Design Mentor

    Portfolio • Career advice
  • Smashing magazine logo

    Event Volunteer

    Smashing Conference
    San Francisco • Freiburg